What is the value in attending the Arizona Physical Therapy Association’s Conference?

Need a little push to attend? Why not read about the VALUE?


Date: Friday, October 14th-15th

Location: A.T. Still University, 5850 E. Still Circle, Mesa, Arizona  85206

Time: 8:00 AM

Facebook: Moving the Profession Forward! PT Pub Night

What is the value in attending the Arizona Physical Therapy Association Conference?

The 2016 Moving the Profession Forward- AzPTA Fall Conference is something you won’t want to miss. There will be subject matter for everyone in physical therapy. Topics relate to all patient populations: Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Orthopedics, Neurology, Women’s Health, Sports, and Nutrition.  There will be interactive symposiums on Education, Legislation, and Association where you can help shape the future of your profession. PT Pub Night is happening Friday evening, which is always a fun social event for all to enjoy. This is the place to be for all Arizona Physical Therapists, assistants, and students.

The VALUE of attending a conference of this nature is simple: information. Not everyone wants to be “involved.” Some individuals do not want to be responsible for going to capitol hill and advocating for physical therapy. They don’t feel drawn to volunteer time outside of class or work, or do anything besides learn or practice patient care. It is important to mention that most of us, if not all, entered this great profession to help people. Being “involved” is very different than being “informed.” It is our professional duty to be as informed as possible about the current issues within physical therapy, the best treatments, and even networking! Attendance at a statewide conference is just that; part of our professional duty to be informed. It offers an avenue to gain insights of best practice from experts in the field. It opens lines of communication to people who are conducting research and progressing our field. Lastly, it gives you a composed outlook on the profession of physical therapy; a balance of its issues and benefits.

The APTA has created a list of core values that all individuals in the profession should exemplify. The list of core values, with the fun little acronym ACE SAID, includes: Accountability, Altruism, Compassion, Excellence, Integrity, Professional Duty,  and Social Responsibility. Attending meetings, such as the AZ Chapter Fall conference, helps a professional to: continue to progress the quality of patient care, become more aware of the needs of the community/state one lives in, advocate for the health and wellness of your patients as well as the profession. This is a home-run hit on all the bases of the APTA Core values. If that is not convincing enough, attending a conference leaves you with so much new information, new knowledge on how to grow as a clinician, better connections with the community, new tools to market yourself and connect within the PT world, and overall feeling called “conference euphoria.” What could be better?

Renewed vigor is not easy to come by. Many professionals strain and force their professional involvement. Perhaps not surprising is that we lose the initial vigor we had as energized students. As students, we have innate passion about this profession. It’s evident by our interactions with one other in class, discussions on social media, and attendance at national conferences. It is our professional duty to attend conferences of this magnitude, but value comes from what you bring. I mean this: as students, we have the uncanny ability to speaks our minds, question our predecessors, and push the envelope to innovate ideas within the field. This conference creates a platform to do just that; and of course, keep us informed! Let’s help each other renew our vigor by demonstrating our passion for this field, and creating an environment of energy and change at the State Meeting.

Also, a quick shout out to Jennifer Howe (@jenniferhowept on Twitter) who was a major contributor to this post and as well some others that will be coming out!