4 Things you can Expect at the Arizona Fall Confernce

Date: Friday, October 14th-15th

Location: A.T. Still University, 5850 E. Still Circle, Mesa, Arizona  85206

Time: 8:00 AM

Facebook: Moving the Profession Forward! PT Pub Night

5 things you can expect at the Arizona Fall Meeting

1.A broad and diverse topic list.

  • Topics range from Pediatrics to Geriatrics, and also including Orthopedics, Neurology, Women’s Health, Sports and Nutrition.
  • This includes 24 different sessions that you can pick and choose from, with experts in each field presenting.

2. Interactive symposiums on Education , Legislation, and Association direction where you can help shape the future of your profession.

  • This includes a Delegate Motion Development breakout session, which means that you are aiding in the process of coming up with new ideas to progress our profession.
  • An education panel dedicated to answering the question about PT education and if it is preparing recent graduates for the demands of the profession.

3. PT Pub Night = Friday night social event where you can meet and greet old colleagues and new.

  • PT Pub Night – R.T. O’Sullivan’s Sports Bar & Grill

4. Networking.

  • This event is designed with the specific purpose of drawing in all Arizona Physical Therapists, assistants and students.
  • We hope to have representation from all the DPT programs here in Arizona.


Also, a quick shout out to Jennifer Howe (@jenniferhowept on Twitter) who was a major contributor to this post and as well some others that will be coming out!



This excerpt is from an anonymous source who is  interested in making sure we all have a clear idea of what it means to advocate for PT. I suggest reading it and as well sharing your thoughts as comments. Also, follow the link embedded in the file itself.

It is a very good source of information.


Here is the link:



Here is the post:

“Dear APTA Student Assembly and the PT Twitter-verse.

I love your enthusiasm to get out there, get involved and promote the profession. I genuinely do.

But I have one small request. Learn the meaning of the word advocacy, and its subsequent hashtag: #PTadvocacy.


To advocate means to support a cause or proposal; that’s straight out of Merriam-Webster. Thus Physical Therapy advocacy means to support causes or proposals that advance the interests of the PT profession and our patients. The vast majority of the time this means LEGISLATIVE advocacy. Speaking to legislators about bills that directly impact the profession either positively or negatively. This includes donating to PT-PAC because with your contribution they are able to do a lot of that work for us. The other half of PT advocacy is what I have heard called “internal advocacy”. This means working to shape or guide the PT profession. Do you think the APTA should embrace imaging as part of our scope of practice? That’s internal advocacy. When students and PTs across the country saw a motion unanimously passed that charged the APTA to address PT student loan debt (RC-11), that was internal advocacy.

PT advocacy is not telling your uber driver to #get1st or #choosept because of their low back pain. There is no specific cause or proposal you are advancing, you are just selling or marketing your profession to the lay public which is an awesome thing, but its not advocacy.

Running for Student Assembly Board of Directors is awesome, and I thank you for volunteering to serve but its not advocacy.

The words we use matter. Whether we are speaking to an Occupational Therapist, an Orthopedic surgeon, or an orthotist its vital we all know what “gastrocnemius” means. If we are going to be successful as a profession its vital we agree to using the same words to express the same thing.

Seems simple right, but harder to practice. I know. There are lots of PT hashtags out there so this graphic is nice to help keep them all straight.

Although, to be honest, I think their definition of advocacy is bit broad.


For further info check out:


or this great article: Advocacy 101.



That’s it! Now get out there and spread the word:


First blog post

Here Goes Nothing.


The reason for starting this blog is very simple. I think my fellow Doctor in Physical Therapy students need to be informed.

The idea for a blog throughout PT school has been on my mind since I began the coursework back in August, because I have always had a blog of some sort. During my first year, I am technically a second year student now, I saw hardships, joys, and even successes and failures that many other students go through not unfamiliar to our predecessors. The big issue I saw was that as students we do not fully understand our own capacity to make change. Many students feel that if they speak up on issues they may be reprimanded, afraid to ask questions for feeling inferior to others, or even lack the motivation to be active in the profession of Physical Therapy. Let me be clear, these are not problems. These are normal reactions to being in a graduate level program. The purpose of this blog is to hopefully shed some light on some of the topics and maybe controversies I have encountered and act as a resource for others who may be in a similar boat.

I hope to have this blog as a resource for learning materials, insights into dealing with PT school, and as well just be informative to many of the issues I and the profession are facing and will face. I hope to do this with my own writings, questions and submissions from clinicians, and lastly a video series I am calling PT Talks.