4 Things you can Expect at the Arizona Fall Confernce

Date: Friday, October 14th-15th

Location: A.T. Still University, 5850 E. Still Circle, Mesa, Arizona  85206

Time: 8:00 AM

Facebook: Moving the Profession Forward! PT Pub Night

5 things you can expect at the Arizona Fall Meeting

1.A broad and diverse topic list.

  • Topics range from Pediatrics to Geriatrics, and also including Orthopedics, Neurology, Women’s Health, Sports and Nutrition.
  • This includes 24 different sessions that you can pick and choose from, with experts in each field presenting.

2. Interactive symposiums on Education , Legislation, and Association direction where you can help shape the future of your profession.

  • This includes a Delegate Motion Development breakout session, which means that you are aiding in the process of coming up with new ideas to progress our profession.
  • An education panel dedicated to answering the question about PT education and if it is preparing recent graduates for the demands of the profession.

3. PT Pub Night = Friday night social event where you can meet and greet old colleagues and new.

  • PT Pub Night – R.T. O’Sullivan’s Sports Bar & Grill

4. Networking.

  • This event is designed with the specific purpose of drawing in all Arizona Physical Therapists, assistants and students.
  • We hope to have representation from all the DPT programs here in Arizona.


Also, a quick shout out to Jennifer Howe (@jenniferhowept on Twitter) who was a major contributor to this post and as well some others that will be coming out!

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