This excerpt is from an anonymous source who is  interested in making sure we all have a clear idea of what it means to advocate for PT. I suggest reading it and as well sharing your thoughts as comments. Also, follow the link embedded in the file itself.

It is a very good source of information.


Here is the link:



Here is the post:

“Dear APTA Student Assembly and the PT Twitter-verse.

I love your enthusiasm to get out there, get involved and promote the profession. I genuinely do.

But I have one small request. Learn the meaning of the word advocacy, and its subsequent hashtag: #PTadvocacy.


To advocate means to support a cause or proposal; that’s straight out of Merriam-Webster. Thus Physical Therapy advocacy means to support causes or proposals that advance the interests of the PT profession and our patients. The vast majority of the time this means LEGISLATIVE advocacy. Speaking to legislators about bills that directly impact the profession either positively or negatively. This includes donating to PT-PAC because with your contribution they are able to do a lot of that work for us. The other half of PT advocacy is what I have heard called “internal advocacy”. This means working to shape or guide the PT profession. Do you think the APTA should embrace imaging as part of our scope of practice? That’s internal advocacy. When students and PTs across the country saw a motion unanimously passed that charged the APTA to address PT student loan debt (RC-11), that was internal advocacy.

PT advocacy is not telling your uber driver to #get1st or #choosept because of their low back pain. There is no specific cause or proposal you are advancing, you are just selling or marketing your profession to the lay public which is an awesome thing, but its not advocacy.

Running for Student Assembly Board of Directors is awesome, and I thank you for volunteering to serve but its not advocacy.

The words we use matter. Whether we are speaking to an Occupational Therapist, an Orthopedic surgeon, or an orthotist its vital we all know what “gastrocnemius” means. If we are going to be successful as a profession its vital we agree to using the same words to express the same thing.

Seems simple right, but harder to practice. I know. There are lots of PT hashtags out there so this graphic is nice to help keep them all straight.

Although, to be honest, I think their definition of advocacy is bit broad.


For further info check out:


or this great article: Advocacy 101.



That’s it! Now get out there and spread the word:



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