First blog post

Here Goes Nothing.



The reason for starting this blog is very simple. I think my fellow Doctor in Physical Therapy students need to be informed.

The idea for a blog throughout PT school has been on my mind since I began the coursework back in August, because I have always had a blog of some sort. During my first year, I am technically a second year student now, I saw hardships, joys, and even successes and failures that many other students go through not unfamiliar to our predecessors. The big issue I saw was that as students we do not fully understand our own capacity to make change. Many students feel that if they speak up on issues they may be reprimanded, afraid to ask questions for feeling inferior to others, or even lack the motivation to be active in the profession of Physical Therapy. Let me be clear, these are not problems. These are normal reactions to being in a graduate level program. The purpose of this blog is to hopefully shed some light on some of the topics and maybe controversies I have encountered and act as a resource for others who may be in a similar boat.

I hope to have this blog as a resource for learning materials, insights into dealing with PT school, and as well just be informative to many of the issues I and the profession are facing and will face. I hope to do this with my own writings, questions and submissions from clinicians, and lastly a video series I am calling PT Talks.

2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Congratulations Eddie, great start blogging. Exercise progression is an art combined with science. Where to start, position, type of contraction, weights, choice of resistance, sets, reps, breaks, functional quality of exercise.
    Feel free to connect and discuss further

    All the best to you


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